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Are you ready to confront global migration challenges?

This year’s competition will focus on issues of forced migration and refugees. How might governments react to an influx of asylum seekers? What policies facilitate integration into the host society? Which stymie it? What benefits can refugees contribute to a host country, and how do some government deprive themselves of those benefits?

What is the Student Simulation Competition?

The NASPAA-Batten Student Simulation Competition is a day-long event that allows graduate students in public policy and related fields to test their skills on real-world data. This year, using a turn-based, participatory simulation developed for the competition by the Center for Leadership Simulation and Gaming, student teams will take on cabinet-level positions of a virtual country. Participants enter policy decisions in the simulation software to see how their policies affect their citizens, their economy, and the migrants themselves.


You can find more information on what to expect and how to participate here.

2019 Competition Information

This year's competition will take place on February 23rd, 2019.

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Simulation-Based Learning

Simulations are experiential learning tools that offer a bridge between classroom learning and real-world application.

Past Competitions
Baruch College, 2018
Central European University, 2018
KDI School of Public Policy, 2018
Arizona State University, 2018