Nominated Student Registration

By filling out this registration, you will be confirming your participation in the February 29 or March 7, 2020 event. Please do not fill out the registration form until you are certain you can attend. Only Nominated Students are permitted to complete this form. All nominated students received e-mail notifications.  

Nominated Students: You must complete this form by January 25, 2020 to confirm your participation in the competition. 

The deadline for schools to nominate their students to compete at NATIONAL LAW SCHOOL OF INDIA UNIVERSITY (NLSI BANGLORE) is February 10. These students have until February 15 to confirm their participation in the event. THIS EXTENSION APPLIES ONLY TO STUDENTS COMPETING AT NLSI BANGALORE.

NASPAA has limited funds to assist with competitor travel. Please work with your schools to sort out travel arrangements. 

Please note that the competition will take place in English.

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